Obnoxious Noise is Awesome! (Dan Deacon)

So last year I really got into Deacon’s first album Spiderman on the Rings.  Hey Spiderman is an actual word as defined by Microsoft word spellcheck.  Isn’t that cool?  Oddly enough, spellcheck, spelled just like that, without the spaces,  isn’t a word.  Yet you’d seriously think it was, right?  I mean, wouldn’t  Microsoft be into that?  It automatically capitalizes Microsoft, but you have to spell spell-check with a hyphen.  That’s weird.

Oh yeah, Spiderman of the Rings.  Basically Dan Deacon makes music that I would file under electronic/dance, because I simply don’t understand the various subgenres of electronic music.  It’s all techno to me.  Drum ‘n’ Bass is the kind that sounds the most stupid, I think, but I have no idea where to go with the rest of them.  Where does trance start and glitch end?  What the fuck is house music?  Man, these guys have too many damn subgenres for their own good.  The cool thing about Dan Deacon is that he doesn’t really fit into any of them.  There’s the standard instrumentation you associate with techno, but also a lot of xylophones, chipmunk vocals, animal noises and indecipherable lyrics.  Deacon describes Spiderman of the Rings as “very youthful and carefree, sort of partying for the sake of partying.  Bromst is more of a celebration.”  Bromst is Deacon’s second album and it’s even better.  I get where he’s coming from with the celebration thing.  This record is bananas.  Ten mallet instruments stacked on top of ten people singing, half in auto-tune, the other half are dogs, stacked on top two kick ass basses, stacked on top of two or three drum sets.  I dunno.  Something like that.  I’m not great at describing music, especially Dan Deacon.  The best I can do is usually to compare something to something else, but I got nothing with this guy.  This shit is bizarre, but not like Black Dice, where it’s boring, or Pullhair Rubeye, where it’s just stupid, this is fucking awesome.  It’s the ultimate feel good record because it’s so damn obnoxious, you just KNOW that everybody else can barely stand it.  If they can put up with it, then they must like it, and they must be your friends.  Congratulations, you just made a new friend.  Dan Deacon kicks ass.  I even wrote this review as a stream of consciousness thing to kind of simulate what it feels like when you first listen to Dan Deacon.  His stuff is a little more coherent and composed than this piece, but it doesn’t feel like it at first.  I refuse to check for errors or proofread this bitch.  Now dance motherfucker dance!  Also, watch this video for Woof Woof.  It’s wacky.

I just read on his Wikipedia page that he toured with both Deerhunter and No Age last summer.  That’s fucking awesome.

  1. I thought that dude’s hair was dyed green, until I realized the video was poorly done green screen, and i laughed. The tune was pretty great too!

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