Party Down

I don’t watch a lot of TV shows, because, TV can be a desolate landscape.  Also, I don’t have cable, or even broadcast TV anymore thanks to that digital broadcasting.  However, I do have Netflix, and with Netflix comes internet streaming!  Thanks to this I’ve caught up on valuable episodes of King of the Hill, and discovered Community is actually a really good show.  Not to sound like a shill, but this streaming stuff is handy.  One show I’ve recently fallen for, thanks to its Netflix availability is the recently canceled “Party Down.”  Party Down follows the goings on of a Hollywood catering company as they go from job to job, hi jink to hi jink.  It’s got Jane Lynch, pretty boy Adam Scott, and the greatest actor of our generation, Martin Starr.

Only the Cran-Man can out act him.

Party Down belongs to the post modern family of sitcom, with no laugh track, more character based humor, and characters that manage to actually change and evolve.  (What a novel concept.)  Luckily, there’s no fakeumentary handheld cameras. Those things get old fast.  But that’s all moot.  What makes Party Down a great show is how goddamn depressing it is.  The catering crew is comprised from striving actors, failed actors, and one striving sci-fi novelist, who of course, is played by Martin Starr.  The manager, played by Ken Marino, just wants to open a chain restaurant, and he can’t even get that off the ground.  Adam Scott’s Henry is the only exception.  He’s done with acting after a popular beer commercial and wants to move on with his life.

I’m only five episodes in, but I plan on finishing the show.  This is some great stuff.  Not many shows have the skill to successfully mix funny and miserable, but Party Down gets away with it.  Scrubs this aint.  I’d recommend it to the Freaks and Geeks fans.

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